Newgrounds... poop?

2007-11-10 02:08:19 by fdtoonsman

I made a YouTube poop... on Newgrounds. It's pretty funny. Check it out in my submissions.

Newgrounds... poop?

Go check it out!

Here's the description I wrote for it: This is the story about two teens, Keenan and Nate, who are coming up with a story to animate, and go crazy. There's a little story behind this one. At my school, there's a thing called "Smart Lab" where we have some small projects like animation, game design, music looping, etc. and my partner Keenan and I decided to animate an Indiana Jones parody. It's not the best thing I've ever made, but it has some extra features (oh btw, no storyboards because my scanner no worky) and some little things to touch it up so it wasn't totally horrible. It's the best I could make in about 3 weeks, only working on it a few hours daily with some other animations being worked on in the mix, so it's really something I could make in just one week, but who cares, right? So don't expect much, and don't rate too harshly. I hope you enjoy what there is. I might make another animation for smart lab. One last thing, if you want to see the storyboards, check back in a week or two, I may just have them put up. They are really the highlight of the movie, because Keenan is really a hilarious artist. Anyway, sorry for a long description, I hope you enjoy what you can of this, and rate fairly!


2007-09-03 15:55:57 by fdtoonsman

Check out the new layout for my site:
There's an updates blog you should check out on there, to see if I make anything new. I'll also update this blog every once in a while, too, but mostly for flash projects.

Oh well.

2007-08-26 20:48:37 by fdtoonsman

Well, I don't think I can finish my Madness entry, because I have too much to do. Too bad. Well, I'm 50% done with my Weird Al video, I hope I can at least get that done soon. That's all for now.

Madness Day

2007-08-22 14:40:21 by fdtoonsman

I'm entering the Madness Day contest. My flash is called "Madness Beginning." It's my opinion on why Hank goes around killing everyone, and why Jesus wants to kill him. It's a very interesting story. I was up all night last night coming up with the story. More updates later, I guess. I might submit this to Alphas when I have a little more progress, and some more test animations done.


2007-08-20 12:02:46 by fdtoonsman

I finally updated my user page, but I have no idea on what to say... well, for one thing, I can't think of anything to animate. That makes me a sad panda... maybe something like a Weird Al video? Or maybe I should revive that old project of mine, Mechanical Madness, which I see no point in, because I'm usually only a "Madness crazyguy" within a month of a new episode. Well, just expect some updates eventually, because I'll be working on some flash.